Celebrating Michael Russell’s 80th birthday, together with 30 years of the submarine alkaline vent theory for the origin of life, and being the first scientific meeting of the European COST network on chemobrionics http://www.chemobrionics.org, the meeting will be of interest of scientists working on the origins of life and, more broadly, understanding and controlling physical, chemical, and biological properties of self-organized precipitation processes.

The meeting will take place from March 11 to Mar 13, 2019, in Granada, Spain. Anticipated speakers include:

  • Michael J. Russell (NASA JPL, Los Angeles): Prospecting for Life
  • Patrick Beckett (UC Davis): Thermodynamic fluctuations and information processing at the nano-scale in an ancient, alkaline vent environment
  • Eloi Camprubi (Origins Center, Utrecht): Vectorial prebiotic chemistry
  • Silvana Cardoso (Cambridge University): Fluid mechanics at the origin of life
  • Grayson Chadwick (Caltech, Los Angeles): Methanotrophy
  • Nick Lane (UCL, London): TBA
  • Yamei Li (ELSI, Tokyo): The role of metal sulfide minerals in the prebiotic catalysis for origin of life
  • Bill Martin (Institute of Molecular Evolution, Düsseldorf): Native metals and carbon chemistry at vents
  • Shawn McGlynn (ELSI, Tokyo): Oxidative thio-esterification
  • Ryuhei Nakamura (RIKEN, Saitama): Electrochemistry at deep-sea hydrothermal vents for autotrophic origin of life
  • Wolfgang Nitschke (CNRS, Paris): Can the mineral Fougerite mediate the step from strictly exergonic chemistry to a free energy converting precursor of bioenergetics?
  • Ignacio Sainz (CSIC IACT Granada): Chemical gardens and alkaline hydrothermal vents
  • Victor Sojo (Institute for Advanced Studies, Berlin): A few lessons learned trying to fix CO2 in alkaline vent conditions

There are no registration fees for the meeting. COST funding (www.cost.eu) will support some 60 attendees from Europe. We anticipate approximately 100 attendees.

If you would like to join us please pre-register, and tell us whether you would like to present some work, at https://www.chemobrionics.eu/events-1/30-80-meeting-alkaline-vents-30th-mike-russells-80th